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Weekly WMW Bible Study

Philippians template.png

There’s no other practice you could start that would benefit your life more than reading Scripture. Join us as we navigate through God's Word TOGETHER. Let us become women who keep each other accountable and fall deeply in love with His Living Word. 


We are excited about our new series, "Joy In The Gospel" as we dive into the book of Philippians chapter by chapter, verse by verse!  Join us every Thursday in our online community at 7:30pm EST/6:30pm CST for our 8-week study!



April 2nd & April 7th:  Philippians 1 - Portia Collins

April 14th & April 21st: Philippians 2 - Tracy Woods

April 30 and May 7: Philippians 3 - P.M

May 14th and May 21st: Philippians 4 - Carine Lewis



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